Artiststatement, 2024

As an artist raised, educated, and having worked in the former GDR and now residing in the UK since 1992, my artistic practice is deeply intertwined with the political landscape and societal changes that have shaped the different stages of my life.

Since 2015, my work has evolved into a research-based approach, utilizing mediums such as sound, sculpture, and primarily photography to respond to emotions and transform objects sourced from both personal and public archives. I primarily create photographic prints that delve into themes of conflict, fear, and memory, blurring the lines between representation and abstraction, infusing non-representational art with potent narrative content and emotive depth.

In my current body of work, I scrutinize the manipulation of data, language, and propaganda, focusing particularly on how these tactics instill fear and influence decision-making within contemporary society.

Drawing from my own experiences of living under a dictatorship, I delve into the emotional repercussions of restrictions and control, seeking to visualize their impact to gain a deeper understanding of my own responses to contemporary issues within society.