Artiststatement, 2023

I was brought up, lived, and worked as a teacher in the former GDR and have been based in the UK since 1992.

My artistic work focuses on the exploration of political issues in society examined from my own perspective, driven by my experiences of living in a dictatorship. I believe that they are disappearing if I don’t record and visualise them.

Since 2015 my artistic practice is research based and includes sound and photography, and I transform material from personal and public archives. The work deals with recent history, conflict, fear, and memory to create pieces, which are simultaneously representational and abstract, reducing the idea of non-representational art by charging it with narrative content and emotions.

My current work explores the manipulation of data, language and the use of propaganda, instilling fear as a driving force for decisions made by the UK government in recent years and how this affects life within society.

I reflect on my own relationship with restrictions and control and visualise the emotional impact as a way of understanding my own reaction to current issues within society.