Project Fear, 2019

Since June 2016, the evidence and Academic Research about the impact of Brexit written as early as 2015 has meant nothing. Evidence from a wide range of reputable institutions has been ignored or dismissed by the leave campaign as Project Fear.

In my work I explore the communicative function of knowledge. I use the studies about the impact of Brexit from 2015 to 2017and block out the text reducing the forms to geometric coloured shapes.

The redaction of text suggests that which is present beneath the coloured rectangles is significant in light of its absence, a reflection of the misinformation and rhetoric regarding Brexit, a purifying process to make Britain prosper again.
The juxtaposition of the written evidence, the coloured abstract shapes and the sound collages of political Brexit speeches from 2015 to 2017 creates an uncertainty which resonates with my own situation as a European.

Image size 1220x1220mm; 3 Sound collages of political Brexit speeches 2015 to 2017 created in collaboration with Anna Power
audio Link:

Shortlisted for Aesthetica Art Prize 2020